Booths Full of Passions and Joys

We hope you'll find something that brings you joy to take with you the rest of your life.

Photos of the Event!

It was a funny conversation; talking with my sister about how to honor Asher. I thought we should maybe put up a Dungeons and Dragon one-shot. Then I thought of a science fair but for fun things. Then she said, “Call it AsherCon,” and my brain exploded.

The idea was to take the science fare idea, but scale it up to 10x.

Layout for the booths. 40in tall, 36in wide, 18in hinged sides.

And just like you’d get at a regular booth we needed:

  • Something to do (lower right hand corner of the booth main page)
  • Something to learn (all the content on the pages)
  • and Something to take home (the physical tokens of his loves)

Hopefully… people discovered something they would enjoy from the things he also enjoyed.