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Dungeons and Dragons

The worlds most famous and popular Table Top Role Playing Game. Dice provided in collaboration with Phoenix Fire Games.


Character Sheet

Each person was given (4) big soft d6’s and told to roll stats, choose a race and a class and then move along. With the sheet and the dice, the hope is people would “do their own research,” and start looking for more people to play with.

Laser Pencils

The pencils were just your deluxe Ticonderoga Numba 2’s and then Zeke used the laser cutter to score in the phrases collected from the interwebs.

Dice and Bag

I reached out to our Local Game Store and asked them if they could handle a purchase of 125 polyhedral dice sets for my son’s memorial. The co-owner told me the game store was started in part because of a brother who passed. So… they really came through. They were really beautiful dice.

Thank you Phoenix Fire Games!!

Adventure Cards

We printed up a bunch of copies of super simple one line adventure starters (see more here) with the idea players could imagine some crazy scenario where their character could meet the challenge and spark an interest in RPGs.

Booth Instructions

  1. Get a Character Sheet, a pencil, and some dice.
  2. Roll (4) of the large D6 (six sided die), keep the highest (3) and put that total on a character sheet.
  3. Choose a class, race and background (make it up. doesn't need to be real)
  4. Then, take an adventure card and decide what your character would do next.
  5. Have questions? Watch the videos.

Phoenix Fire Games Logo

Phoenix Fire Games

Dice provided in collaboration with Phoenix Fire Games. Check them out on Fairview and Meridian

Characters (oldest to newest)

Prin Padfoot

Prin Padfoot

D&D Beyond | Tabaxi, Level 8 Eldritch Knight | Campaign: Fall of the Kynekin

Most folks would say a continent full of constantly evolving and increasingly dangerous monsters would be a nightmare from the depths of The Abyss. Prin called it home with his littermates Res and Califras Padfoot.

Prin served in the colonial military where he learned a little magic and a little Elvish and quickly ascended the hierarchy. After a bad battle which left him with some PTSD and serious regrets about his life decisions, Prin took a walk out of his life and looked for something greater. That’s when his brothers convinced him to join them in their adventure across the sea to the “civilized continent” across the ocean. Fortunately, they never made it and instead started on a grand adventure that featured god destroying spears, cloaks made from actual cloakers and a set of mysterious amulets of unrealized power.

With Inza the fire-starter, Auto the sentient robot and Wixbold the soggy, the party sails the oceans on a majestic koi boat looking for a way to stop Asmodeus from consuming the entire planet while trying to understand the sun-bleached eternals who should have never lived this long…

Party Members

  • Res Padfoot, Monk
  • Califras Padfoot, Ranger
  • Automation MK2, Wizard
  • Inza, Tiefling Bard
  • Wixbold, Goblin Pet
15 +2 16 +3 14 +2 13 +1 13 +1 10 +0
19 40 68 +3


  • Attacks
    • Sword, +5, 1d8+2
    • Crossbow, +6, 1d8+3
    • Claws, +5, 1d4+2
    • Ice Knife, +4, 1d10*
    • Fire Bolt, +4, 2d10
    • Shocking Grasp, +4, 2d8
  • Skills
    • Animal Handling
    • Athletics
    • Insight
    • Intimidation
    • Perception
    • Stealth

Ariwyse Reese

Ariwyse Reese

D&D Beyond | Rock Gnome, Level 6 Circle of Dream Druid | Campaign: The Elder Keepers

Character Portriat of Ariwyse Reese

The council is meeting. The forest has become sick. The ancients that walk the old growth decay and their glories are diminishing.

Ariwyse, a relatively new member of the council, at only a few hundred years, is the first to recommend an escapade into the depths of the undergrowth. Follow the corruption that was found and root out any evil they find along the way.

With spells and friends, they discover what’s hurting the forest. A primordial force has been beating against it’s prison… and the prison is failing…

Party Members

  • Farquad, Circle of Wildfire
  • Kaitrin, Circle of Stars
  • Mugag, Circle of Spores
8 -1 13 +1 13 +1 17 +3 14 +2 10 +0
12 25 44 +1


  • Skills
    • Arcana
    • History
    • Perception
    • Survival
  • Spells
    • Guidance
    • Shillelagh
    • Thorn Whip
    • Cure Wounds
    • Detect Magic
    • Flaming Sphere
    • Healing Spirit
    • Call Lightning

Faerune Silverstar

Faerune Silverstar

D&D Beyond | Human, Level 5 Cleric of Light | Campaign: Pick Me Boss!

Faerun, the oldest son of a local blacksmith didn’t choose to be one of the “lucky” few who could use magic. He didn’t choose to try to light his bedroom on fire and he didn’t choose to hear the calling of ancient long forgotten seraphim to rebuild a lost kingdom. He did, however, choose to join grump ol’ Tim when he put out a call for trainees. Surprised to see his head chef Saph also looking for adventure, but not surprised to see the beggar boy Bernhard, the crew joined together to start making Kohlos a more secure place.

They conquered a corrupt leader, discovered a secret shrine to an evil dragon and made friends with a pun tossing lich. Little did they know they had also met the progenitor of the universe and unlocked magic across the world… What might’ve happened next?

Party Members

  • Bernhard Stone, Paladin
  • Sapphire Hookman, Artificer
  • Timoley Cornsee, Knight
14 +2 11 +0 13 +1 12 +1 15 +2 11 +0
16 30 33 +0


  • Attacks
    • Mace, +5, 1d6+2
    • Crossbow, +3, 1d8
    • Scorching Ray, 2d6
  • Skills
    • Athletics
    • Insight
    • Medicine
    • Nature
    • Religion
  • Spells
    • Thaumaturgy
    • Fireball, 8d6
    • Daylight

Danny Gearcrafter III

Danny Gearcrafter III

D&D Beyond | Forest Gnome, Level 3 Cleric of Light | Campaign: Spring Break

After being abruptly cast out of his home plane of fire with his battle buddie Bob in toe, Danny tumbled into Avethia without a plan. Luckily they were picked up by the wandering Castlewick University, a library of great repute that teleports all around the world.

After completing his required courses to gain access to the restricted section (where a path home might be found), Bob and Danny started their 4 years of residency to pay back their debt.

(This was Asher’s final campaign. Danny’s fate is currently unknown.)

Party Members

  • Bob, Beast Barbarian
  • Bonnie Tyler, Lore Bard
  • Kire, Ranger
  • Elixerm, Shadow Monk
12 +1 13 +1 12 +1 14 +2 14 +2 12 +1
17 25 21 +1


  • Attacks
    • Mace, +3, 1d6+1
    • Guiding Bold, +4, 4d6
    • Radiance, 2d10+3
  • Skills
    • Arcana
    • Insight
    • Persuasion
    • Religion
  • Spells
    • Toll the Dead, 1d12
    • Faerie Fire
    • Inflict Wounds, 4d10
    • Scorching Ray, 2d6

Creation Information

I pulled most of my information from various websites and slammed it together:

There were also some very helpful videos playing at the booth:

Dice 101
Ability Scores
Ability Checks

Setting Up The Game


Responsible for interacting with the world through a “Player Character” (PC). They are decision makers and ask, “What would my character do?” as well as, “What would make a fun and engaging story for everyone at the table?” Responsible for keeping track of PCs stats and capabilities.


Minimum Required

  • Dice
  • Rules
  • Adventure
  • Character Sheets
  • Grid Paper, Pencils

Optional But Fun

  • More Dice
  • Rolling Tray to save the table
  • Dice Tower
  • DM Shield for secret rolls
  • Minis, Landscaping, Dwarven Forge
  • Erasable Mat for maps
  • A few more dice

DM - Dog Dungeon Master

Sometimes called a GM or Game Master. Manages the game and the environment. Decides what puzzles to present and how creative solutions should be adjudicated. Manages the Non Player Characters (NPCs). Works with the players to make the game fun.


Some might say they’re not required. You might agree with them, but then you’d both be wrong.


  • I would like to rage
  • I cast fireball
  • Roll for initiative
  • You can certainly try
  • Doubting is a free action
  • Why did the DM just roll?
  • Insight Check!
  • I brought snacks
  • Level One Human with no class
  • Sleep. Eat. Game. Repeat.
  • Be true to thine elf
  • Shield!!!
  • Dagger, Dagger, Dagger
  • Beware the smiling DM
  • What's your passive perception?
  • Of course it'll work!
  • I have salted dice
  • Bad rolls make great stories
  • Choose your weapon
  • Side quests!
  • Adventure is calling
  • The DM demands penance
  • Dicey rolls
  • The table laughed
  • In the eye of the beholder
  • Is that a 20?
  • Chaotic Stabby
  • Lawful Punny
  • That's how we roll!

Adventure Cards

  • The dining hall shakes, dust falling from the ceiling. An explosion at the gates.
  • A farmer falls through to the tavern doors crying out in pain, "The goblins!" he cries.
  • The dragon uncoils itself from the hordes of gold and treasure. "I've been waiting for you," it says.
  • \"Why I've not seen one of these in years," the old wizard says. "Grants three wishes."
  • The cult leader spots you hiding in the cavern. "Quick! Get them before they can interrupt the ritual!"
  • A massive blue turtle comes to shore just in front of your beach camp. "Hero," it says, "You're needed."
  • You have finally reached the center of the forest. A beautiful dryad sits in a clearing. "You have earned an answer to your question."
  • The hag points a gnarled finger at you, "The bargain is struck!" But you don't remember anything before this.
  • The oracle says, "I see great danger. If the sword cannot be found and destroyed, we all face a violent end."
  • You pick up the sword and hear in your mind, "Oh, you'll do nicely. Are we going to fight evil today?"
  • The sky quickly turns black over the city. Smoke billowing from the factories. You're too late, the clockworks have arrived early.
  • As you reach for the treasure chest, you notice a small eye pop out from the wood. "Stop! It's a mimic!" you hear before your hand sticks to the surface.
  • The bear erupts out of its den and charges you.
  • \"Come, play a game of chance," the creature says as it loomes over you, the strings of fate wrapping around its body.
  • Your weapon breaks against the hardened armor of the monster. It rears back and trills in triumph.
  • The cave is lit with the bright light of the glowing dagger embedded deep in the stone. "Okay, how do we disarm the magical traps," your companion says.

Alternative Systems


Dungeon Diaries

Quick little jaunt with some friends and a DM who wants to teach them the ropes.

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Order of the Stick

This is a fun, tongue-in-cheek story that breaks the fourth wall occasionally, speaks about the games rules as an excuse for behavior. Honestly, if you allow yourself to get sucked into the story, you might find you get a little choked up at times. Other times you’re just laughing at the Monster in the Darkness. As of right now, there are 1,281 pages for you to catch up on.

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Table Titans

the story takes you back and forth from the players at the table, and the characters in the game. As there are two stories going, you start to learn about character preferences, and why the different players act the way they do in game. This comic has four seasons and a prequel, each based around it’s own adventure, and one of which is about creating a custom setting, which is really cool.

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d20 Monkey

From the author:

This series is a professional and emotional time capsule that I will cherish forever. Sam and Brett are me. Ask my loved ones, and they will tell you that over the years, my personality traits, loves, humor, fears, depression, and a reckless need to protect the people I love bled through with every piece of dialogue, decision, and awkward facial expression. I love this cast. I will always love this cast. They are a woven tapestry people I have met over many, many years. From little quirks, to visual references, to expressions and personal history. They are threads of so many colors and patterns, and I love them.

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