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The internet is a series of tubes… filled with cats.


Swag Bag

What’s a conference without a swag bag?! NOTHING! THAT’S WHAT IT IS!

We had intended to have nice canvas bags printed up and handed out, but… time has been the enemy this year. Not enough time for many things.

So, instead, we have paper bags. Eh… good enough.

Sticky Hands

I think the “tradition” started at the Dentist’s office. When he completed a cleaning or had his braces tightened or some other adjustment performed, they would give him the chance to choose something from the reward jar. Nearly every time, he’d grab a sticky hand.

Then, when we had to get blood draws (like nearly every week) the nurses would hand out a token if you were good.

I think probably they handed them out regardless… shhh… don’t tell

But because he made them laugh and overall was very positive about the situation, he’d get 2 or 3 tokens. The tokens could be used in a coin machine to get a prize. What did he select every time? sticky hands.

So, when you get a sticky hand… think of Asher.

Booth Instructions

  1. Pick yourself up a bag.
  2. Get a bag and a sticky hand.
  3. Review the memes
  4. Remember to love yourself.
  5. Proceed as soon as you’re ready.

This booth is best consumed with the image above.


I was able to download Asher’s messages. Ran it against a Sentiment Analysis Lib (NLTK) to generally see what kind of dude he was. 92% positive messages. Good job kid.

Who was he online? Really Cool Bird. I dunno why. But he was. Hoodie and all. I think that would have been a fun Halloween costume.

Really Cool Bird

Gen Z Humor

It’s interesting. Jokes are no longer ephemeral like they used to be. Media lives forever and the sense of, “newness” for this generation is over saturated (refer to video). What’s prized now is inside humor or the type of humor that is intentionally ephemeral. It requires context. You have to be in the know. Honestly, it’s absolutely my kind of humor. It’s the reason I like oblique references to things on my t-shirts. If someone recognizes it, it means your t-shirt is recommending a friend. My CritRole or Wit t-shirts for example. If you know, you know. If you don’t, hang on tight, there might be another reference in a second you could grab on too.

Kat Raccoon

What I love about Kat Racoon Comics is the artist takes a meme that has a distinctly different reference, removes that reality and then replaces it with new context as generated by the artist. Even if you don’t know the original reference, the thing is now newly funny and all can celebrate together. Trés inclusive.

My Favorites

Funny Videos

Stuff from Childhood

After working through some of the files on Asher’s computer, we found some hidden away files he kept and rewatched offline. They were meaningful to little Asher and are preserved here.

More than Just Memes

It’s play throughs as well! HA! Everything’s content!