Reaching out to the family and leaving a message for Asher.

Asher trying desperately not to fall on the ward's most recent outing to the rink.

Sending Asher a Message

We’ll be keeping Asher’s email address open (so long as the spammers don’t bury it) for the foreseeable future. The idea being people who are grieving, needing to say something they wish they could have said, or want to forward messages on to his family to remember him can do so.


Things Okay to Send

  • Stories you remember about him. That includes D&D critical fails, hilarious character moments, or moments in class where he made you feel free.
  • Music, game, meme, YouTube short recommendations, etc.
  • Dad jokes. Dock jokes. Puns (the good and the bad).
  • A new way you’ve discovered to break the game. RE: Villager Rail-gun
  • Pictures of where you are when you’re thinking about him. I don’t know what the WiFi situation is like in the next phase of life, but I’m pretty sure their protocols allow them to know the intention of your heart.
  • Questions about what happened (Dad will reach out to you and you can talk about it.)
  • Things you wish you could have said. If it’s private and you don’t want his parents to read it, prefix the subject line with [For Asher Only] and we promise, we’ll never open the email. That’s between you and him, forever.
  • Well wishes to his family and things you’d like to tell them.

Things Better off Not Sent

  • Reasons python isn’t as good a language as {other_language}. He might have agreed with you… but then you’d both be wrong. PARSELMOUTHES REPRESENT!
  • Country music. He never liked it. Like not even a little.
  • Pictures of ducks. Dunno why. But deff not ducks. Especially not the tiny ones!
  • Okay, maybe ducks might be allowed. So long as they’re cute. Or funny. Or part of a meme. Or ducks.

Sending Flowers / Donations

Please consider making a donation to Child’s Play Charities in general or St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital specifically instead. All of Asher’s assets (dude saved a bunch of money!) will be donated to Child’s Play. He discovered a passion for the Child Life experts in the hospitals. They lifted his spirits and his money will help them continue to improve the lives of children going through the worst times of their lives.

Flowers die but donations help many lives. We know you love us. Let other people feel loved too.

The Bereaved

Asher shared his path in life with two brothers, and two parents. The three brothers were thick as thieves and spent an overwhelming amount of time together. If you’d like to connect with any of them, you can use your existing personal channels to connect with them (yes, the parents are also on Discord. We’re cool and hip like the youngsters. Hello kids, would you like to go skateboards?).

If you don’t have their contact information, feel free to send a message to Asher’s email address (asherpants[at] and ask for that information. We’ll get back to you if you don’t make it look TOO spammy.