The Blazing Obelisk

A story from Found Objects in Asher's Room

We found a journal of sorts in Asher’s room. His Aunt who teaches 3rd Grade dictated the hieroglyphs to me.

Title Page


A note on geolings:

Geoling (geo-ling) noun

are a human like creature made of rock or crystal. There’s a difference between a geoling and a geoknid.

Geonids are evil rock spider creatures that hate all living things. Geolings (definition given above) aren’t. Some might want to take your stuff but some of them will. Some are quite friendly.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Our story begins with a young geoling magic scientist and rune tinkerer. By the age of 10, named Xeno, who was going to turn 11 the next day. He was also going to enroll in the academy of magic, but that’s later.

“Hey Xeno I see you’re finally awake,” Xeno’s sister said as she ran downstairs.

“I’m going to Emberlight,” Xeno said grabbing his bag of gold and his gear-list.

“Bye,” his sister Arunedel said.

Once he was down in Emberlight he took out his list and read:

To enroll in the academy of magic you must have the following gear:

  • staff
  • basic rune tool
  • potions kit
  • basic runes by Elder (Star)
  • basic spells be Elder (Center)
  • basic potions by Elder (Spray)

“Let’s see… I have none of this. So first up Asyreas Staff Shop, then the Runemancer’s Utility Shop, then Urig’s Apothecary, then Balic’s Books,” Xeno said.

Heading to the eastern part of town Asyrea’s Staff Shop, Xeno bought a saphire encrusted mahogany staff. In the Runemancer’s Utility Shop, he bought a basic rune tool. In Urig’s Apothecary he bought and advanced potions kit. The advanced potion’s kit has slots on the inside and outside for you to use four box modules and all the box modules. In Balic’s Books he bought his school books. On his way home he stopped way Zorkid’s Weapons and bought a sling shot and a blast pack. Then he went home.

“I’m back,” Xeno said.

“Did you have fun on your all-day shopping trip?” Arundel asked.

“Did it take that long,” Xeno replied.



Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - On the Train

“So where is this academy?” Arundel asked Xeno.

“I don’t know. The letter just said to take Platform 3-1/2,” Xeno replied.

“That means we need to go to the train station,” Arundel said. So they went to the train station and Xeno boarded the train.

“See you next summer,” Xeno said to Arundel.

“Bye!” Arundel replied.

Now on the train, Xeno walked around looking for a place to sit. Finally he did. Then another geoling sat down across from him.

“Hi,” the boy said. “I’m Shard.”

“Hi!, I’m Xeno,” Xeno replied.

“Are you enrolling in the academy of magic too?” Shard asked Xeno.

“Yeah!” Xeno replied.

“You interested in geolemancy?” Xeno asked.

“No, those things are creepy,” Shard replied with a shiver.

“Only when poorly programmed,” Xeno said.

“Nope! All the time,” Shard replied.

“Okay,” Xeno said.

“You into runes?” Shard asked.

“Oh heck yeah!” Xeno replied.

“Alchemy?” Shard asked.

But before Xeno could answer, the train slowed to a stop.

“Please exit the train,” a voice said.

“I think we better do that.”

So they got off the train.

Chapter 3 - The Academy

It was HUGE. The gigantic castle has 20 towers, hundreds of rooms and even more runes. “It has 20 towers, 3,050 rooms, 60500 runes and 500,000 golems and students,” a voice said behind them. They spun around a coal-black geoling was behind them.

“Who are you?” Shard asked.

“I’m Crystal,” the coal-black geoling replied.

“That’s contradictory,” Xeno said.

Editors Note: A lot of pictures followed here. The story picks up after about 40 pages of glorious nerding.

Chapter The Next

Boom! “Ow!” I yelled when the spell blew up in my face.

“What were you trying to do anyway?” Xeno asked.

“Trying a fireball spell Asher?” Azelreth said.

“Yeah…” I said trailing off.

“Here’s how it’s done,” Xeno said creating a ball of fire.

“You know I’m better at using psymagic,” I said.

“Well, then you should start studying the counterpart of psymagic: Chaos Magic,” Jaak said.

“Okay,” I replied following with, “(StickStar)(DiamondWindow)(CrossShield)” summoning a chaos orb that then blew up in my face again.

“Try a chaos bolt,” Jaak said. “It does not explode.”

“Okay,” I replied following with, “(StickStar)(StickStar)(Chaos)” Nothing happened.

“You got it wrong. It’s (Chaos)(StickStar)(StickStar),” Xeno corrected.

“Okay (Chaos)(StickStar)(StickStar).” A purple beam of energy blasted from my hands and disappated after about 5 seconds.

“That was a beam, not a bolt,” their teacher Professor Gear said.

“I know, it needed (Fire) at the end.”